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The Music of the Night - It's the Middle of the Night and We Can't Sleep

About The Music of the Night

Previous Entry The Music of the Night Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 04:13 am Next Entry
The jeweled tones of a midwinter night surround me. It is not the silence that calls to me, but what is on the other side of it. The roar that is hidden within the simple pleasure of a cool crisp night. The silvery voice of the moon and twinkling light of the stars that supply a music all their own. The wind causes the bare branches of the trees to speak with a subtle percussion. The expansion and contraction of the walls offer a deep counterpoint. It is soothing in its own way, but when the warmth of home is left behind and the door is opened, that is when the exhilaration hits. The night embraces you with its hands of frost. You are pulled out into the glistening shadows and you add your voice to the melody that is already being played. The measured tread of your step upon the icy grass is metronomic, changing the song, turning into one of your own devising.
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What's Entertaining Me: Nothing Compares to You - Sinead O'Conner
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